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August 01, 2005

Los Angeles doesn't make the list of top 25 running cities, but Anchorage and Phoenix do??

Ok, I know the anti-Los Angeles bias runs deep in the media, but I think we have reached a new low. While at the magazine rack at the bookstore, I was drawn to the July issue of "Runner's World Magazine" and their lead article that profiled the "nation's 25 best running cities." Here is a news release of the article. Of course I had expected the enviro-friendly spots of San Francisco, Boulder and Portland to fair well, and they did. So I flipped the pages, looking for at least a snippet on Los Angeles, with our great beaches, great year-round weather, 5-k races every weekend, etc. Well, guess what, Los Angeles didn't even get a mention. Anchorage Alaska came in at #16?? Even more astounding was Phoenix at #22!! Have these editors even been to Phoenix? Take the worst elements of downtown Los Angeles, imagined or otherwise, crank up the heat another 30 degrees, cut off the ocean breeze, throw on some extra pollution, and voila - you have Phoenix! The next time the editors of Runner's World are in town, they really should hit the sand in Santa Monica for a run at the end of the day. I guarantee that they will think twice before they rank Anchorage or Phoenix, not to mention Houston or Philadelphia, ahead of L.A. next time.

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