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February 28, 2005

Los Angeles office hi-rise from tonight's "24" episode is a current condo conversion project - 1100 Wilshire

Viewers of the hit FOX TV show "24" will see a downtown hi-rise featured prominently in tonight's episode. What they may not know is that this building has a little bit of history behind it. Located at Wilshire & Bixel just west of the 110 Freeway on the edge of Downtown Los Angeles, this building has sat EMPTY since the at least the mid-1990s. Local real estate lore has it that the building was an ill-conceived late-inning product of the previous real estate run-up fueled by Japanese real estate investors in the late 1980's. This building was designed with feng shui and other sensibilities in mind, but when it came time to lease the property, prospective tenants did not like the fact that each floor had limited square footage (it is a very thin tower), and in addition parking often required looping up floor after floor until reaching an open or assigned spot. So now, after sitting empty and making a guest appearance on the hottest show on television, what is in store for our subject property? It's the Downtown Los Angeles condo/loft conversion gold rush to the rescue. Like so many other buildings downtown, 1100 Wilshire is now being converted into condos, 230 of them according to the website 1100 Wilshirela.com. (See this website and others at Los Angeles Apartment Rentals) This actually seems like a good plan to me, and the views should be amazing. And after all, it's nice to see the latest real estate boom (bubble?) adopt the unwanted step-child of the late 1980s real estate bust.

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February 06, 2005

News Item - Monster SUV can't fit into Century City Mall Parking Garage, creates traffic jam

If you are like me, you find the proliferation of monster SUVs in Los Angeles to be highly annoying. Traffic is tight around here as it is, so why does 10% of the population feel the need to essentially drive a semi around town? They hog space, make it hard to see on the road, and they are a DANGEROUS TANK when in the hands of a cell-phone-talking-while-driving chattering idiot. When you look inside these vehicles, usually there are no passengers, so you are talking about an enormous amount of the earth's resources just to cart around one gluttonous individual. So when you see a "hog" get what they deserve, it does warm your heart just a bit. Yesterday while pulling up to the Century City mall entrance, I noticed a big backup of cars and alot of commotion. What could it be I thought? Is the mall parking lot full today? Hardly, it was an SUV princess that was stuck because her "vehicle" was scraping the top of the parking lot entrance. HA! The thing was just too damn high off the ground. The helpful parking lot attendants guided her out, and her thanks was shooting them a look of "what's the deal with your garage, my sense of entitlement means you should build a taller entrance so that my tank will fit!" A small measure of balance was restored in the universe, as the SUV glutton had to drive away, denied of her Saturday shopping at the mall.

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