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Weekend Trip from Los Angeles to Cambria (part 2)

A view of the Morro Rock, as seen just just steps from Highway 1, a couple of miles past the city of Morro Bay.




View of the Pacific Ocean from Moonstone Beach, which is the coastal side of Cambria.




We recommend Kitty's Kitchen in downtown Morro Bay for breakfast.




The rolling hills of California Highway 58 just east of Santa Margarita.  It was pretty much just us, the cows and the open road.











(...continued from Weekend Trip from Los Angeles to Cambria)



As we headed north past Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo, we came upon the impressive sight of the Morro Rock (see picture to the left), of which the town of Morro Bay is named after.  The name comes from 16th century Spanish explorers, who thought that the rock looked like a Moorish turban.  They used the rock (really an extinct volcanic peak) as a landmark to help navigate their galleons up and down the California coast. 


Cambria is just a short distance from Morro Bay, and we rolled into our hotel along Moonstone Beach in the mid-afternoon.  This was a perfect time to take a walk along the cliffs and then head down to the beach for the sunset.  The wind and elements seem to take over here, and it hits you that it is nice to be out of noise and congestion of the city for a weekend.  Even the birds seemed to be particularly inspired, as they put on a airshow for us, gliding by repeatedly, using just the brisk wind to keep them aloft.  The sand on the shore has a volcanic texture, and feels pleasant on your feet or hands.


For dinner we headed into the inland part of Cambia, and ate at Robin's Restaurant.  They have a nice covered patio, and we enjoyed our meal.  Although I am usually a night owl, they darkness of the night (not the orange night sky of Los Angeles, but actually a black night sky with stars providing the only light), and background noise from the ocean made it easy to retire to an early peaceful sleep.


The next morning we went to Kitty's Kitchen (890 Main Street) in Morro Bay for breakfast.  I recommend it (picture left).  After breakfast, it was time to start the journey back to L.A..  To make it more interesting, we took the inland route home over some lightly used roads.  We cut over to San Luis Obispo, and then up to Santa Margarita, which is the gateway to California Highway 58.  This was a fun road, with interesting scenery, and a real feeling of being alone out on the road (we only passed a few cars.)  The picture at the left gives a feel for the scenery.  Eventually, the terrain of Highway 58 changes from lush green to more of a desert scrub.  As you approach the town of McKittrick, you find yourself in oil country.


After the oil towns of McKittrick & Taft, we cut over the the 5 Freeway and made our way back to L.A.  It was a fun weekend.  The getaway to the Central Coast is one of my favorites.  If you are making this trip for the first time, other things that obviously come to mind would be going to Hearst Castle in San Simeon (be sure to make reservations ahead of time), and setting aside a few hours to explore the pedestrian friendly downtown of San Luis Obispo.  Another fun place to explore more in depth is Pismo Beach, with its nice beach and good selection of restaurants.  After you do the Central Coast a few times, you will probably come to agree with me that the journey and the thrill of speeding along such beautiful scenery is half the fun.  Enjoy!












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