Venice Beach in Los Angeles


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Venice Beach in Los Angeles

Venice Beach
in Southern California is a very scenic attraction that beckons its visitors to explore and enjoy all that it has to offer. The beach is a major feature in the beachfront district of Venice, located on the 
Los Angeles Westside. Venice is largely known for its beaches, canals and memorable circus-like Ocean Front Walk, hilarious vendors and performers, numerous restaurants and a variety of activities. Venice Beach is the second largest tourist attraction in Southern California, with Disneyland being the first.

Venice (otherwise known as Venice of America) was founded and established as a beach resort town in 1905 by Abbot Kinney, a tobacco millionaire. In 1891, Kinney partnered with Francis Ryan and purchased two miles of oceanfront property and developed a resort town (Ocean Park) on the north end of that property. The property itself lay to the south of Santa Monica, to which Ocean Park was later annexed. That entire area has now been developed into the lovely Venice Beach that offers its visitors so many fun things to see and do.  Abbot Kinney Boulevard now stands as a century-old artistic neighborhood, where visitors and locals enjoy the restaurants and trendy shops. In its earlier days Venice Beach was the nurturing place for some of the beat poets and artists from Los Angeles. From as early as the 1960s, Venice Beach and its Boardwalk have served as an important cultural center.

If you are visiting Southern California, your trip will not be complete without a visit to Los Angeles to enjoy the world-famous two and a half mile Venice Boardwalk. Stretching along the beautiful sands on the Ocean Front, this pedestrian-only area is lined with numerous things for you to see and explore both over on the west side and the east side. On the west side, you will find unique pieces of art and crafts and souvenir items that are one of kind, and can be obtained nowhere else. The vendors offer a variety of things you can purchase, plus there are many performances for you to enjoy. Performances include glass walking, break dancing, music, jesters, juggling and much more. These performers work very hard to ensure the visitors have a good time. You can also opt to stop by a fortune-teller and hear what your future holds. Walk into a tattoo shop and leave with something temporary, or have your name written on a grain of rice.

Over on the east side of the boardwalk you will find store fronts that carry a huge range of t-shirts. You can walk away with a t-shirt that bears anything from a politically charged to sexually charged message. You will be sure to find one that expresses something you'd like to say, or just pick up a plain Venice Beach t-shirt. Here you can also find great sunglasses, have a beer, get a tattoo or a piercing done, or go by a juice spot, bar or restaurant to grab something to eat and/or drink and refresh yourself. Just a word of advice, for your walk along the Venice Beach Board walk, it is best to walk with a lot of $1 bills. After or before your walk you can go swimming, surfing, toss some Frisbee, go fishing off the Venice Pier or just relax and enjoy the sun. The water here is tested consistently and receives high scores for cleanliness.

Muscle beach is another must-visit attraction at Venice Beach. Located to the south of the Santa Monica Pier is the area that is noted as the birthplace of the physical fitness boom that took place in the twentieth century, Muscle Beach. The history of this beach and physical fitness, dates back to the 1930s when it was largely used by celebrities for bodybuilding and workouts.

At Muscle Beach 
you will find a network of outdoor equipment that these celebs, including Kirk Douglas, Jack LaLanne and many international body builders, used for their training. The state of California's very own Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, did his workouts on Muscle Beach and brought Gold's Gym to fame in the 1980s. The area has been fully restored and includes an area for extensive gymnastic type training. The facilities are now used by gymnasts, acrobats and other youths. If you are a fitness enthusiast you will also enjoy the chinning bars set at various heights, rings and parallel bars. The children are not left out, as they have their own little jungle gym and gymnastics area outfitted with padded equipment.

Once in Venice, there is no shortage of activities you can enjoy no matter what your age. If you like to pick up the tempo, then you can leave the boardwalk and head out to the bike path that produces a relaxing yet exhilarating ride. You may opt to go roller skating on the skate and skateboard ramps. Venice is the birthplace of modern skateboarding, a fact that is highlighted by the Sony Pictures film "The Lords of Dogtown" and the documentary film "Dogtown and Z-Boys." Venice is also famous for its surfing. In 1907, George Freeth held the first documented surfing demonstration off Venice Beach. For those who like to slam dunk or enjoy some one-on-one basketball, or want to play some handball, there are the fantastic basket and handball courts where you can get your blood pumping.









Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California, United States of America, North America
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Venice Beach Restaurants
C&O Trattoria - great Italian food in a fun atmosphere.  On Washington Blvd, just off the beach.  Famous garlic rolls.  Highly recommended for weekend brunch!
The Cow's End Cafe - great coffee tea, a fun hangout.  Just off the beach on Washington Ave.
One the Waterfront Cafe - has a European flavor.  Located right on Ocean Front Walk.  Serving German beer.
The Sidewalk Cafe - great beachfront outdoor atmosphere.  Good food, drink and people watching, under the canopy and Venetian columns.
Venice Ale House - good food, great selection of beers on tap and a fun atmosphere.  At Ocean Front Walk and Rose Ave.
Zelda's Corner - Panini Sandwich's, just a block off the Beach on Westminister Ave.  Try the mini-donuts!

Fun Places in and around Venice Beach
Perry's - rent a bicycle and ride the 20-mile beach bike path from Santa Monica down to Redondo Beach.
Muscle Beach Gym - hits the weights, outside under the sun at Muscle Beach

Shopping in Venice Beach
Titanic Boutique - fun fashion shopping, with a huge selection of hats!

Hotels in Venice Beach
Hotel Erwin - boutique hotel in Venice Beach.  Nice rooftop lounge.
The Inn at Venice Beach - just a block from the Venice Beach Boardwalk
Venice on the Beach Hotel - located on the beach, near the Venice Pier

Apartments & Real Estate in Venice Beach
Venice Suites - offers furnished units.  Catering to the needs of short-term tennants.
Sail Realty - good place to check out apartment rentals, or home available for vacation rental.
Venice Beach Living - boutique real estate brokerage that specializes in Venice Beach properties.

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